Dry Stone Construction

Land and Stone is one of the very few landscape companies with experience in the traditional craft of dry stone construction. Dry stone is a construction method using stones and without the use of mortar. The advantage to this technique is that the project will move, or flex, with the land and the seasons. It is also far more environmentally friendly than the use of mortars.

Dry stone is the oldest form of construction in the world. Ancient sites like Machu Picchu, Newgrange and Gobekli Tepe have stood for thousands of years, weathering everything that nature could deliver.

Having spent many years traveling the world and exploring many of these ancient sites Mike fell in love with the strength and beauty that this technique provides. Upon returning to Canada and starting Land and Stone he quickly went to work teaching himself how to build 'dry'. Without the constraints of a formal stone education and with the knowledge of landscape construction, our climate and the environment, he has built many stone projects. Returning to his projects every year to observe any changes has helped continue the education of a long forgotten art.

We have rebuilt recognized heritage stone fences using the original methods as well as new projects for many years. Careful consideration is taken in any job to build something that is both beautiful and long lasting. Whether using stone that has been brought in from a local source or using stone that is found on site we will create something that is unique.

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